Created Oct 05, 2010

Paul L.Toliver

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I and my family are well, I suppose, health insurance. What do I know because if I had other options maybe what I and others who profess to have good health insurance isn't so good after all? I have and my family has never had any major medical procedures, like operations or stays in a hospital. We are healthy, me being 60yrs, my wife 62yrs are blessed. Maybe if we had some other options to really know if we have good healthcare then we could really say we have good healthcare. We have Blue Cross Blue Shield and that came from my state job as a retired correctional officer for over 23yrs.Let me correct myself on medical procedures. I did have a gastroenterology to see if I was a candidate for cancer and all men over the age of 50 should have, black or white. The university of md was where I had it. That was a very good hospital! I didn't have to pay anything extra and my health insurance paid it all. So I have nothing to complain about. Yet I must standup for those who aren't as blessed as I am. I do know why this" PUBLIC OPTION" is such a big deal. It's all about the money. Though this will only affect about 5% of the paying public. The insurance companies don't want to let that go either. Money is money! We do have a problem with the co pays of our healthcare insurance but it's better to have a problem with copayments on insurance then not even having insurance to have a problem with copays."Well all you people yelling are the ones who didn't vote for Obama and just need any excuse to trash him and his administration. These are the same rightwing nut jobs who are yelling about goverment run healthcare but bring loaded guns to healthcare town hall meetings. They yell about not wanting goverment run anything but yet they are on Medicare, social security and veteran's public tit! These are the ones who don't want this and don't want that, yet everything they don't want is being done by the fat insurance companies now! Why don't they wakeup and wonder why these companies are spending 1.4 million dollars a day to defeat healthcare? These are the same people who said the something about Medicare, social security and yes even veterans healthcare which is run by the goverment! Yet they don't want you to take any of these things away now. A lot of this yelling has nothing to do with healthcare but pure and simple racism they hide it in their so call debates. The don't know without change even the dinosaurs died and could tell them that, if they could speak now. This is my first time getting this out on any media and it feels good that I did! If there's a reason Obama is doing what this article is saying then it must be a long range plan to it that will be good for all? Remember Reagan did the something but they weren't yelling then. I'm not some democratic fool either, I voted for Bush in 2004 and yes I'm black. We had some good things come out of his administration but now are now and a change is going to come so we all won't go the way of the dinosaurs! HAVE A BLESSED DAY."
Ho and to have the republicans up in outrage about the Florida congressman saying" THE REPUBLICANS WANT YOU TO DIE QUICKLY" as them telling lies about death panels and Obama wants to indoctrinate you kids by giving a address to school kids. Yet when school kids haled president Bush after the Katrina incident, no one said anything? I commend the Obama administration of the job they are doing. It just befuddles me that people believe the lies on both sides?



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